Watch Dogs. Have you played it yet?

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Okay so, to start this off, this is one of the most awesome games I have played over at the Den. It’s a combination of basically Grand Theft Auto, Assasins Creed, and H4X0R 2005 (Jk thats not a game.. lol). What … Continued

Bakey… He’s Back!

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Well what can we say, Bakey likes to pop in and out from the Den at the proper and perfect times! Seriously, prepare for his newest album set to hit stores in the coming weeks! This one is one of … Continued

Apex Shift – Kinetic EP Review

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Coming from the depths of space the man Apex Shift himself brings his first release ever on any record label and what better then his own audio label! Well anyways he comes in with bass lines that he really spent … Continued

For our 20th Anniversary…

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WOW! We are nearly at Catalogue#: RD20 and what better to mark number 17 then Gie Hayford himself! Check him out on our sound cloud and give him a like and follow on sound cloud! Seriously we are stoked! We … Continued

Gie Hayford EP

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Coming from UK bass line burner Gie Hayford himself, he really creates a fast form and function within his rythms and bass lines! Allow him as he really brings a funky taste to bass music in general! You have your … Continued

What is the future of EDM?

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Pictured above is Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas! Being one of the absolute biggest and most fun desert raves, displaying some of it’s most awesome art, and presenting it’s continuously growing possibilities and aspirations of what EDC’s Owner, Pasquale Rotella … Continued

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